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• Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured
• Combat Veteran owned and operated
• We custom build our team the way your team wants and needs them to perform.
• All GEN1 Protection team members are M.E.D. Compliance certified.
• Proficient and trained in “verbal judo” and adverse situational DE-escalation.
• On location 10-20 min early everyday to secure site for staff and vendor arrival.
   Which is always free of charge
• First to arrive and last to leave any facility, making sure employees are safe.
• Unmatched security training program, including basic law.
• 1st Aid/CPR trained and certified
• GEN1 Team members follow “Use of Force” proven methods and standard used    by Denver Police Force.

• GEN1 works hand in hand with local police to provide the best security to its clients.

• Trained in internal loss prevention.
• Facility maintenance.
• Outside way of box thinking pertaining to how much a “security guard” can do       to help around facilities.
• GEN1 will submit and implement a tailor-made set of written Standard Operating Procedures for each location pertaining to its own security polices and needs.
• GEN1 Protection will also submit and implement a complete Vendor Protocol Policy and procedure program that will alleviate all vendor miscommunication and avoid any wasting of your employee's valuable time.
• Work hand in hand with managers to ensure smooth running day to day operations.
• Offsite daytime and overnight facility monitoring from our business location, allows peace of mind when away from your facility.